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Based on 60 customer reviews from our shopper community, GoodwillFinds’s overall rating is 2.68 out of 5 stars and 50% of reviewers recommend this brand. Detailed ratings are also provided below to help you learn more about this brand. No customer consider GoodwillFinds overall a good value option, based on a rating of 1.0 from 1 vote. The most common issues with GoodwillFinds are around Shipping & Delivery and Customer Service based on a rating of 1.0 and 1.0.


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February 27, 2023
"Seattle Dearborn"
Seattle Dearborn, the main hub, is a joke! The PRICING POLICE! They set colors tags half off yet deny to sell it that price. Worst scam of all time.. they are so proud that they offer training for new hires! ALL EMPLOYERS TRAIN!! Nothing special! DO NOT DONATE. EVERYTHING THEY SELL IS REVENUE. AND ALL ITEMS WERE GIVEN TO THEM FOR FREE.
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February 25, 2023
"Goodwill has generally raised prices"
Goodwill Southern California has generally raised prices on donated items. A regular mug costs $3.99, which is even more than one new mug W**mart sells. This is ridiculous! At a store in Goodwill in Los Angeles, I noticed that none of the items cost less than $3.99.
Is this still nonprofit Good Will?
Goodwill of Orange County store also raised prices of donated items, but less than L.A. stores.
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February 25, 2023
"The staff seemed nice and was steady…"
The staff seemed nice and was steady working and not standing around. The store in Charlotte Michigan is very put together and easy to find items. Only problem is their prices, they are way to expensive for used clothing and shoes. Especially when most are donated for free there prices should be cheaper. I’d rather go to Walmart or kohls and get a new pair for same price. Only downside is it’s getting more expensive other then that store was kept up and clean and nice staff.
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February 16, 2023
"Enjoyable overall experience…"
I enjoy Goodwill retail stores here in St. Louis. They are usually clean, everything is displayed nicely, people are friendly, and it's always a surprise! You never know when you might find something at a real bargain price! I know there's a lot of uproar about the pricing, and I too have run across items that are priced in a way that makes your eyes open a bit wider, but most items are very reasonable when compared to other stores. Even if it's a bit higher than expected sometimes people forget that they too have employees to pay, overhead, etc. All in all it's always a worthwhile trip for me
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February 15, 2023
"Badwill to Customers"
I will never step foot inside their hostile stores. If you buy non-working junk, you are screwed. Caveat emptor.
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January 10, 2023
"That's nice"
Cool things for the low. Check it out and let's buy
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January 09, 2023
"retail prices on donated used items"
i used to love goodwill. I always thought the main reason was to be affordable for those who need clothes. but you guys have all products given to goodwill for FREE. It should not cost 21 dollars for a pair of used jeans. goodwill should not be constantly upping prices; people blame it on buy and resellers but that honestly is just giving goodwill more profit so that's no reason for goodwill to start charging retail prices. There's no reason for them to be charging as much as they are now for donated used items, they're just becoming another greedy corporation.
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January 05, 2023
GOODWILL SUCKS... They get their stuff from us for FREE. And charge you more than retail price. They used to be a good place to go for discount items, now you will pay more than new... you guys have lost your minds...
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December 31, 2022
"Delivery people suck"
Delivery people suck. Rude as can be. Wasted several hours of my time & then wouldn’t wait 2 minutes for me. Amazingly rude & uncooperative.
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December 20, 2022
"Poor customer service"
This review is in regards to the headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona on Beryl.

I'm not impressed in the slightest with how Cory handled my situation when he called me back on Monday 12-19-22. I'd had a bad experience in a store in northern Arizona and this had been explained to Tiffany at their customer support on Wednesday 12-14-22.

The store in question had handled this situation so badly that I actually walked out of the store with the purchases that I was going to get, left on the counter.

If I was a Goodwill representative calling back and having heard this story I would have offered some type of compensation as a gift card.

Every company is different but I was pretty disgusted by the way Cory handled this.
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September 25, 2022
"Racist and Humiliating behavior by employees"
I shop at Goodwill stores all the time, and out of all Atlanta stores, the one on NorthEast Plaza (Buford Highway) is the most horrible. Last Friday I walked into this store 17 minutes till closing time. Immediately, one of the managers started screaming at me that "the store is closed!" I pointed out that the doors are open, the time is 17 till, and I know exactly what I want, and I'll be in line to check-out in 1 minute. I grabbed a racquetball racket, and stood in line to the cash register. Immediately, the same manager/clerk started screaming at me that nobody will serve me and I need to leave. At that time, there were about 8 people in line, the time was 15 till closing time, one extremely not friendly cashier and 3 other employees just standing there chatting or roaming around the front area. I said that I'm not leaving, since I'm already in line, the store is open and this rude behavior is not warranted. A lady in line in front of me was very agitated, apparently, store employees tried to get rid of her as well, so she kept talking (to herself mostly) that she is not going anywhere... So as time went on, the only cashier kept ringing things up very slow, apparently trying to get to 8PM (closing time) before our turns came. So at 8PM, just as the line comes to lady in front of me, 4 police officers walk in, the cashier (who also said she was the manager) grabs her cash till and runs away, nodding to police officers that they need to get rid of us! At this time this whole ordeal becomes just as crazy as it was comical. I tried to ask the manager's name -- she refused. I asked where the store's customer information corner with numbers is located -- they said they don't know anything and simply ran away! The police escorted us out of the store -- there were 4(!) cars dispatched to escort us, very dangerous customer of Goodwill Thrift Store at NorthEast plaza out!! This was completely outrageous and evil behavior on the part of this location's employees. Apparently, the lady at the cash register was a manager, she kept saying that she doesn't care if we complain anywhere, that we were warned that at 8 pm the store will close and that they had right to kick us out any time they wanted. I have a video of this, and contacts of another customer, so outrageously kicked out of the store.
All of this was on cameras, if they were working and should definitely be investigated by upper management. I am a business owner with 25 year experience of running multiple locations of restaurants, bars and hotels and rarely have seen such blatant level of aggression towards clients.
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July 27, 2022
"doubled prices in my area"
doubled prices in my area, always an excuse why something can't be returned
I won't step in one of their stores ever again!
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July 22, 2022
"I will give goodwill a 0 if I could"
I will give goodwill a 0 if I could. Not only have they raised the prices higher than buying new at other stores, goodwill has the nerve to have a no return policy when they get free donations, they sell items that are filthy and sometimes are broken. The only work that I see is taking items to the floor to sell. No looking to make sure it works or is clean.
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July 16, 2022
"Racial discrimination and…"
Racial discrimination and unprofessional banning of customers based on race. No one governing these employees they are simply allowed to treat anyone the way they want with no fear or discipline for their actions. Before donation to this company strongly consider throwing it away first or another charity that is willing at least consider it's community's cry for justice against these people. Tyrell Mcglotten racist operations manager at goodwill recycling center in Newcastle de.
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May 14, 2022
"Helpful Job placement service"
Goodwill big bend were exceptionally helpful. Their job placement assistance helped me and many others to achieve employment. If you're looking for employment in Tallahassee Florida, I highly recommend this FREE service.

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